Claim your free LED bulbs

Want to start saving energy and money right now?

To get you started, TEP is giving our residential customers a free 4-pack of LED light bulbs that we’ll ship directly to your home.

LED bulbs use up to 90 percent less energy and last up to 25 times longer than old incandescent bulbs. Plus, they emit 90 percent less heat so they’ll reduce your cooling costs.

To receive these LED bulbs, you must be a residential Tucson Electric Power customer with an active account.

Simply complete the application form below, agreeing to install the LED bulbs in your home. TEP will review your application and mail the LEDs directly to your home free of charge if you’re eligible.

Limit one kit per residence, please.

Customers interested in learning more about energy efficiency are invited to view our online  .

The Program is subject to change or end without notice. Kits are subject to the availability of funding and submitting an application does not guarantee a kit.

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