Disconnection rules

On June 20, 2019, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) adopted new rules that prevent service disconnections from June 1 through October 15, 2019 for residential customers who fall behind on payments.

Customers who receive overdue bill notices may currently be eligible for a payment extension. To determine if an account qualifies for a payment extension, customers can log into My Account at tep.com. Customers who do not already have online access can click here to register. Customers also can call (520) 623-7711 or (800) 328-8853 and select "Billing & Payments" then select "Payment Extension" from the interactive voice response (IVR) system to request an extension. Customers who are denied a payment extension online or through TEP’s automated IVR system are encouraged to call and speak with a member of TEP’s Customer Care team. Our Customer Service Representatives can arrange for a payment extension.

If payment is not received before the termination date listed on overdue bill notices, delinquent accounts normally would become eligible for disconnection. Customers are responsible for paying all current and delinquent balances on their accounts.

Under the ACC’s new rules, customers with an unpaid balance that remains after Oct. 15 must either (a) pay that amount in full or (b) enter into a payment plan to pay that amount in installments over four months while also keeping the account current to avoid becoming eligible for disconnection. Account deposits will be applied to any overdue balance after Oct. 15 and customers must establish a payment plan to repay deposits over four months.

Customers with overdue balances who do not comply with the requirements described above will become eligible for disconnection after Oct. 15. If electric service is shut off for non-payment after Oct. 15, delinquent accounts also are subject to a reconnect fee and a deposit up to the maximum allowed before power is restored. Budget Billing participants will be removed from the program if service is disconnected. There is no guarantee service will be restored the same day of payment.

Tucson Electric Power: Lifeline program

Lifeline program

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Tucson Electric Power: Short-term assistance

Short-term assistance

TEP works with community organizations to provide emergency bill payment assistance for qualified customers in financial distress.