Safety presentation

Electrical safety presentations

Demonstrations on best practices for keeping safe

For two decades, TEP has staged presentations with a “live” electrical board at schools, science fairs and other community events to teach children and their parents about the dangers of power lines, poles and electrical boxes.  TEP also delivers the presentation to 4th and 5th grade classrooms in a more structured manner.

Each year, TEP line workers demonstrate electrical safety practices to more than 40 classrooms in TEP’s service area.

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Teachers, please review the electrical safety presentation procedures and fill out the application.

Please direct questions or comments to Jamie Carpenter, the current contact for teachers who would like to schedule an Electric Safety Presentation for their 4th and 5th grade classes.

NOTE: Schedule delays may occur due to storm season and availability of personnel.

Tucson Electric Power: Stay Away, Stay Alive

Stay Away, Stay Alive

If you see a downed power line, stay away from the hazard area, get to a safe location and call 911.
Tucson Electric Power: Report Graffiti

Report Graffiti

See graffiti on TEP poles and equipment? Please tell us about it.