Medical Device Alert

If you or someone in your household uses a life-sustaining medical device or has a medical condition requiring continuous electric service, disruptions in your service can understandably cause concern.

With our Medical Device Alert program, TEP notifies you in advance of any planned electric service outages affecting your home. If there is an unforeseen or longer duration electric outage, we will keep you informed about the estimated restoration time.

How it works

When you return a completed certification by a licensed physician, TEP places an alert on your account that someone at your service address requires continuous electric service due to a medical condition. This alert helps us identify your service address and take proactive steps in communicating outage information to you.

To have an alert placed on your electric or gas account, please complete the customer authorization and have your licensed physician complete the certification form. Attach the form to the physician's letterhead or prescription form and mail to:

Attn: Medical Device Alert

PO BOX 711 MS: SC122
Tucson, AZ 85702-0711

Please note that the Medical Device alert program does not guarantee uninterrupted service. Approval of your Medical Device Alert application requires you to continue paying your monthly TEP bill.