Oso Grande

Wind  |  Roswell, NM

The Oso Grande Wind Project will be TEP’s single largest renewable energy resource, generating enough energy every year to serve about 90,000 homes.

The project site in southeastern New Mexico was chosen for its strong wind, particularly overnight and during morning and evening periods when solar power systems aren't producing much power. That means it can help balance our renewable energy output. Located on 24,000 acres of desert, it will include 62 turbines, including some that reach more than 600 feet high from base to blade tip.

The 250-megawatt (MW) project, along with other planned renewable systems, will more than double our wind and solar capacity when all turbines are online. TEP’s other ongoing renewable projects include the Wilmot Energy Center – a 100-MW solar array and 30-MW battery storage system south of Tucson International Airport – and the 100 MW Borderlands Wind Project about 100 miles south of Gallup, New Mexico.