Where We're Going Next

Enough wind and solar energy to power almost every home in Tucson.

Tucson Electric Power has been a solar energy leader for nearly two decades. We already get 13 percent of our power from renewable resources, with enough wind and solar energy to power more than 115,000 homes. And we’re just getting started.

By 2030, TEP plans to have three times as much wind and solar energy as we do today. That’s enough to power almost every home in the Tucson area.

It’s an ambitious, affordable plan designed to satisfy the long-term needs of a community the company has served for more than 125 years.

TEP's 30 by 30 Plan

TEP is improving how it provides service to customers by delivering 30 percent renewable power to customers by 2030, which is nearly twice the level required by the state in 2025.

TEP will add large, efficient wind and solar systems to generate more clean power for the community. Three new systems are expected to be completed in less than three years.
The 30 by 30 plan is designed to deliver more wind and solar power to our community, support cleaner air and reduce water usage while maintaining affordable rates for customers.
New technologies like battery storage systems will help maintain reliable service for homes and businesses as TEP adds more wind and solar resources to our local electric grid.

Renewable Power for Everyone

The company owns and buys power from efficient community-scale renewable systems with a combined capacity of more than 350 megawatts (MWs). These wind, solar and other renewable resources produce power that TEP delivers to customers every day.

TEP will more than double its wind and solar capacity over the next two years with three new systems that are expected to be completed by 2021:

  • A 100-MW solar array paired with a 30 MW battery storage system in Tucson.
  • A 99-MW wind system in western New Mexico.
  • A 250-MW wind system in southeastern New Mexico.

TEP will pursue additional opportunities to add hundreds more megawatts of renewable resources, boosting its total renewable energy portfolio to about 1,200 MW. Our 30 by 30 plan will give us enough renewable energy to serve the average annual electric needs of about 350,000 Tucson homes.

Tucson Electric Power: Our Renewable Resources

Our Renewable Resources

TEP has a continually expanding portfolio of clean renewable resources that help us provide reliable, affordable and sustainable energy service.
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Live: Solar and Wind

How much renewable power is TEP delivering to customers right now? This display tracks the output of 15 solar arrays and two wind farms in TEP’s renewable energy portfolio.

Our Energy Future

We’re committed to providing safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable service to our community – a community that includes not only our customers, but also our employees, families, neighbors and friends.

As our community grows, TEP will deliver service to tens of thousands more customers using cleaner generating resources with lower emissions and water usage. In addition to adding more wind and solar, TEP has made other significant strides toward a more sustainable energy future.

TEP, which ranks among the utility industry’s leaders in energy storage development, is working to add more flexible storage systems to its infrastructure. The company is planning to add a 30 MW, four-hour battery energy storage system that will be charged by a new 100 MW solar array. We’re also evaluating participation in the proposed Big Chino Valley pumped hydroelectric storage project.

TEP is on track to eliminate a third of its coal-fired resources within the next five years. To replace that generating capacity, the company plans to add flexible, efficient resources that will help improve air quality.

We’re helping customers go solar by purchasing power from TEP’s large, local solar arrays.  We also stand ready to support customers who install rooftop solar systems on their homes and businesses.