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Resource Planning

Safe, reliable power for the future

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) is building a more sustainable, responsive energy portfolio by expanding renewable resources, investing in efficient, innovative technologies, and offering new options to customers. TEP’s long-term strategy to diversify its energy portfolio is described in its Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).

The IRP provides regulators, customers and other interested stakeholders with information about current resources, detailed assumptions and analyses about future energy requirements, and strategies for meeting customers’ long-term energy needs.

TEP 2020 Integrated Resource Plan

TEP is currently developing its 2020 IRP for submission to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) by April 1, 2020.  TEP is introducing several new initiatives during this IRP cycle to make our plan more relevant and useful to the ACC and our customers.  First, we have formed an IRP Advisory Council to improve stakeholder engagement through in-depth discussions with diverse group of customers, community leaders and advocacy groups.  In addition, we have enlisted the University of Arizona to help us establish science-based targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our operations.  Finally, we are introducing a new, more rigorous method for evaluating resource adequacy that extends beyond capacity planning for summer peak to consider issues including over-generation, system regulation, and ramping needs.

TEP 2019 Preliminary Integrated Resource Plan (PIRP)

The TEP 2019 Preliminary Integrated Resource Plan provides a snapshot of TEP’s current loads and resources as well as an overview of the tools, methods, sources and assumptions TEP will use in developing its 2020 IRP. This report was filed with the ACC in July 2019.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Goals

TEP is developing new carbon emission reduction goals informed by the global temperature level limits outlined in the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change. For this effort, TEP has solicited support from climate experts at the University of Arizona’s Institute of the Environment to develop measurable, science-based targets. The institute’s experts in climate science and the regional impacts of global temperature change will provide scientific knowledge and context necessary for TEP to develop appropriate emission reduction goals in its final 2020 IRP.

IRP Advisory Council

The electrical grid is undergoing a massive transformation, making integrated resource planning a more complex process that calls for greater stakeholder involvement. As part of the 2020 IRP process, TEP has formed an advisory council that provides a forum for in-depth discussions with engaged community stakeholders. Members include residential and business customers, local governments, public schools, limited-income advocates, solar installers and environmental advocates.

TEP believes that a diverse, knowledgeable group of counselors can help chart a long-term plan that helps our community achieve sustainability goals and maintain reliable, affordable electric service through a balanced, flexible resource plan.

Meeting Materials

Note: No meeting was held in September 2019.

Tucson Electric Power: RICE Generators

RICE Generators

New local generators support expanded use of solar and wind resources.
Tucson Electric Power: Cost of Energy Resources

Cost of Energy Resources

We need multiple resources working at the same time to keep your power both reliable and affordable.

TEP 2018 Action Plan Update

This five-year action plan updates the 2017 IRP by highlighting projects TEP plans to pursue in the near future.  It was filed with the ACC in April 2018.

TEP 2017 Integrated Resource Plan

TEP’s 2017 IRP describes current loads and resources, and projects future energy and capacity needs from 2017 through 2032. It was filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) in April 2017.